We specialise in treating the following Allergies
Allergy Testing Sydney
Allergy Testing Laboratory is a medical practice in the Sydney CBD and specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of allergies.

Dr Richard Stephen Baker is medical director of the practice and offers over 35 years of expertise. The company utilises highly sensitive diagnostic tests and operates a NATA Accredited immunology laboratory.

Skin Prick Test
The skin prick test is a routine test performed by allergists. It involves placing small amounts of allergens onto the skin then with a small lancet a superficial break in the skin is made.
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Vaccine Sublingual Immunotherapy
Dr Baker’s preferred method of treatment is immunotherapy with a sublingual vaccine that is made on the premises and prescribed specifically for each patient.
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Total Serum IgE and Specific IgE
Dr Baker has an accredited NATA laboratory on the premises where he performs the IgE tests.
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Patch Test
This test is performed in cases of contact dermatitis (Eczema) or any other allergy is suspected.
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Allergy Testing Sydney
In addition to allergy diagnosis we assist our patients to select the correct method of dealing with their allergic condition and provide allergy specific information. Following results of testing appropriate treatment is given either in form of oral or injection desensitisation therapy.

Sublingual Vaccine Treatment

Allergy Testing Sydney
We provide the following allergy tests:

Skin Prick Test
Please visit here for more information about the Multi Test II and its use

Serial Titration Test
Find out more about the Serial Titration Test

Rast and IgE ImmunoCap Test
View information about the RAST test
How Can I Interpret the Numbers on my RAST Test Results? (

Patch Test
View more Patch Test Information

We test for the common allergens as well as a wide range of miscellaneous allergens and chemical irritants. To assist accurate diagnosis and monitor therapy we also perform immunoserological blood tests in our pathology laboratory.
Allergy Testing Sydney
Dr Richard Stephen Baker is Medical Director of Allergy Testing Laboratories. Dr Baker graduated from the University of New South Wales Medical School in 1972 and subsequently was trained in the United States by leading allergists, including Dr French Hansel who is often regarded as the father of Ear Nose and Throat allergy. He was the first otolaryngologist to perform skin tests in 1930 using multiple individual extracts as opposed to single concentrations of antigenic material. Richard is also a member of the ASCIA

Richard has a particular interest in the study of mycology. Moulds are one of the major causes of allergy and asthma. Asthma is one of the highest causes of mortality in males in New Zealand and Australia between the ages of 20 to 35 years.
Allergy Testing Sydney
Following the work of his father Dr. Stephen Baker, an ear, nose and throat surgeon, Richard helped pioneer ear nose and throat allergy in Australia. He treats all allergic conditions and has an on-site skin testing clinic and a fully accredited NATA medical laboratory. Richard is also a member of the ASCIA
Alergy Testing Laboratory Allergy Info
Due to varying rates of metabolism 4 days is recommended as general advice to be off Antihistamines before testing. Please inform the doctor if you are taking any Antihistamines.

Antidepressants can also effect testing. Please inform the doctor if you are taking any Antidepressants.

Antimigraine products can also effect the testing. Please inform the doctor if you are taking any Antimigraine products.

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Open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

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